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 Om Yoga Studios Flow Basics


Ideal for complete beginners as an introduction to yoga with the focus on alignment and linking  mind, movement and breath.Basics is also great for the more experienced yogi who wants to deepen their knowledge of individual postures, work with different variations and just come back to the fundamentals of yoga.

 Om Yoga Studios Vin Yin


The best of both worlds – the first half of this class is a dynamic Vinyasa flow while the second half offers a slow Yin yoga practice. A little yoga experience is ideal as the Vinyasa portion of the class can be challenging.

 Om Yoga Studios Yin Flow


A total-body program designed to dramatically improve your fitness by injecting elements of yoga into a fun, cardio-based fitness routine. It will challenge your whole body in new ways as you reap the benefits of high intensity interval training including increased metabolism, muscular endurance, and a healthy and happy heart. Suitable for all levels.

 Om Yoga Studios Yin


A slow-paced class that explores deep stretching, supported by props. These long held stretches are perfect for improving flexibility or simply for anyone recovering from a stressful day. Yin is suitable for yogis of all levels but still offers a challenge to quiet the mind and practice stillness.

 Om Yoga Studios Vinyasa


Vinyasa is a more dynamic and fast paced style of yoga, designed to challenge the practitioner and build heat in the body. Creative sequencing offers a wide variety of dynamic poses focusing on linking movement with breath and exploring deeper variations of the poses. Some yoga experience recommended.

 Om Yoga Studios Therapeutic Yoga


Stretch, strengthen and get to know your body with a gentle, breath-based flow. We will enjoy moving slowly and mindfully, with modifications given if you have injuries, problems moving or health concerns. Each class will include breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation. This class will suit beginners as well as more experienced practitioners. 

 Om Yoga Studios Slow Flow


A slower version of a Vinyasa class that encourages a mindful approach. Slow Flow provides the opportunity to explore and deepen the inward connection of each individual’s experiences of breath, mind and movement. This class features smooth flowing sequencing at a slower pace and offers more time for instruction for newer students.

 Om Yoga Studios Flow Yoga Nidra


This gentle class involves thirty minutes of stretches followed by thirty minutes of guided mindfulness. This style has been proven to have profound effects on our mental, emotional and physical states of being. This class is useful for; reducing stress and anxiety, assisting with habits/addictions, relieving chronic pain and insomnia, and providing more clarity and focus. 

 Om Yoga Studios Primal Yoga

Primal Yoga

A more dynamic practice.By the end of the week, you're a tangled mess of aches, pains and movement sticking points. Our "hard" approach to Yoga focuses on detangling that mess by giving you a solid "systemic reset", focusing on joint mobility, primal movement and joint decompression by way of Yogic compensation.